Finally, a central Jack Line mount to get your Jack Lines off the deck, the preferred way to install allowing for a shorter tether and shorter fall. Mount this new billet 316 stainless fairlead to a shroud 5 or 6 feet above the deck. Run a 3/8” diameter low stretch line from a stern cleat through the fairlead (1/2” dia.) then to a bow cleat. You are then ready to clip your safety harness to the Jack Line. Fits wire, rod or Dyform shrouds from 5/16” to 1/2”. Rugged, CNC machined from billet 316 stainless. 4 ¼”-20 cap screws securely mount the fairlead to your shroud. Designed to be snug without over-clamping or damaging your rigging. Complete kit includes wedge and shims for 5/16” – 1/2” sizes. Smooth backside helps prevent sail handling hang-ups. Measures: 2 3/8” L, 1 5/16” W, 2 1/2” D.