CSJ #14-206 QUICK RELEASE LEVER (5/16″ PIN, TO 5/32″ WIRE)


The Johnson Hyfield-type lever has a number of very practical features that have been developed after extensive testing on both high performance multi-hulls and monohulls. The fitting is rugged, having an ultimate strength of 2500 lbs. A positive stop is provided to prevent jamming fingers between fitting and wire when thrown open under load and the large surface area of the push pad makes it easier to close lever under load. Lever take-up is 2-1/8″ to an over-center position and comes with a quick release pin for positive locking. The extender arm may be had in either 1/4″ or 5/16″ pin size. This is an essential piece of hardware on Catamaran shrouds to allow the crew to right the boat after a capsize. Without it, another boat or extraordinary effort is required. Trailer-able boats up to 26 feet find that a lever on the forestay greatly facilitates stepping and unstepping the mast.

Approximate breaking strength = 2,500lbs

Safe working load = 1000lbs

Extender number of holes = 4